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Our recepies

Tortilla española

Easy Pesto (250g)

25 grams of fresh basil / 2 medium garlic cloves / ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil / A handful of pine nuts / ¼ cup Parmesan cheese / Pinch of salt
Clean the basil leaves. Crush them together with the garlic cloves, pine nuts and a pinch of salt. Then add the extra virgin olive oil until you obtain a uniform mixture. 
Add the Parmesan cheese and stir. Ready to serve and enjoy.


Tortilla de patatas (6 people)

8 eggs / 1kg of potatoes / 1 big onion / salt / bunch of extra virgin olive oil
Peel the potatoes and clean them. Cut them into thin slices. Choose your largest non-stick frying pan. Add a good extra virgin olive oil. Do not be afraid to use it, it will give you that point of flavor that distinguishes your tortilla from the others. Cook the potatoes for twenty minutes over low heat. Cut the onion into really small pieces. On another pan cook the onion with extra virgin olive oil. Continue...

Pesto casero

Continue steps Tortilla de patatas

While the potatoes are frying, in the bowl where we are going to put the potatoes and onion, beat the eggs, and set aside. Once cooked, mix the 3 ingredients in a bowl. In the same frying pan in which we have fried the potatoes and once the oil has been removed. We cook the mixture that we have at rest. For this type of omelette we only need 4 minutes at medium-high heat on each side.


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