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Our story

We are Cata & Lina both coming from countries where EVOO, shortcut of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is part of our diet. EVOO is made by crushing olives and separating the oil from the pulp in a centrifuge, it is the least processed variety and is rich in antioxidants. After a lot of thought and research, we thought we would be able to bring this liquid gold to Germany at an affordable price. For that, we found the perfect Cooperative to work with. It has its origin in Spain, concretely at la Sierra de Cadiz, where a lot of hectares of olives can be found. It was initially founded in 1986 but in 2009 they started their own olive oil harvest. Thanks to the variety they produce they are able to do the process from olive harvesting up to bottling all on the same day in the same place of the harvest. That is why we are able to bring the EVOO at affordable prices.


The EVOO has a lot of benefits from the incredible taste to the health benefits such as contains oleic acid and antioxidants, can improve several aspects of heart health. In fact, studies show that it may reduce blood pressure and inflammation.


Share the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle with the extra virgin olive oil at the best price with the highest quality


We aim to be the first choice of customers in Germany looking for extra virgin olive oil and to expand our product to your everyday life and for the generations to come. We aim to instill the excitement and celebration of fresh healthy food made with extra virgin olive oil directly from the grove to your table.

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